Iced tea with sliced apple

on Wednesday, January 2, 2013

This day I will share with you the recipe of iced tea that is really good looking and it taste no worst. ;) It is good for outdoor party when you want to impress your friends.                                                                         

Iced tea with sliced apple (10 serving):
- 6 cups of good Darjeeling tea
- 1 liter of mineral cold water
- 2 apples
- 20-30 ice cubes
- 15-20 tea spoons of cane sugar
- 1-2 cup of fresh mint leaves
iced tea with sliced apple

Prepare Darjeeling tea using seller recipe and cool it. Put ice cubes, cane sugar and mint leaves (OPTIONAL) into the large glass jug and pour cold Darjeeling tea. Cut the apples into thin slices.
Pour tea into glasses and put some apple slices for each.

Bon appetite!

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