Strawberry iced tea with basil

on Thursday, September 27, 2012

I know this recipe might sound strange but you must try it. Basil is interesting add for strawberries. It make taste of strawberries more "specific".

Strawberry iced tea with basil ingredients (4 servings):
- 5 tea bags of black tea (or 5 tea spoons of loose black tea) yunnan should be ok.
-10 large strawberries
- 800ml of water
- 10-15 ice cubes
- 4-10 tea spoons of cane sugar
- chopped pistachios
strawberry iced tea with basil

Brew tea for 5 minutes in 800ml of boiling water. Remove the tea bags or grounds if you use loose tea. Separately boil 200ml of water and add sugar and 1 cup of basil leaves and brew covered for 10 minutes. Remove the basil and add chopped strawberries and let it chill. Serve with (pistachios and) ice cubes to keep it cool.
Bon appetite!

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Anonymous said...

I'm confused... strawberries and basil is strange. But I must give it a try. =]

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