Long beach iced tea

on Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Today i want to present you curiosity named long beach iced tea. Precisely this drink DON'T contain tea but it have color of iced tea. ;) 

Long beach iced tea ingredients (1 serving):
- 20ml of vodka
- 20ml of Triple Sec
- 20ml of rum
- 20ml of gin
- 20ml of tequilla
- 20ml of fresh lemon juice
- 100ml of coke or sprite
- a few ice cubes
long beach iced tea

For decoration dip the rim of a glass in lemon juice and then in white/brown/color sugar. Mix all alcohol and lemon juice in shaker. Put the ice cubes into a glass and pour mix from shaker (try not to spoil the decoration). Fill it with cola/sprite and put slice of lemon. If all went well your long beach iced tea drink have color which indicates its name. :D

Bon appetite!

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Anonymous said...

Do you know why this drink name is Long beach iced tea? What this long beach means?

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