Iced tea vodka

on Tuesday, September 25, 2012

 This one is good as party drink or when you want to relax after stressful work. It will refresh you and make smile on your lips. ;)

Iced tea vodka ingredients (1\serving):
- 1 tea bags of tea (or 1 tea spoons of loose tea)
- 50ml lemon juice
- 5 mint leaves
- 200ml of water
- 50ml of vodka
- about 3-5 ice cubes
- 1-3 tea spoons of cane sugar
Iced tea vodka

Brew tea for 2-4 minutes in 200ml of boiling water. Remove the tea bag or grounds if you use loose tea. Mix cane sugar, mint, brew and vodka. Pour all to the air-tight container and then cool in freezer for 20 minutes. Serve with fresh lemon juice and ice cubes to keep it cool.
Bon appetite!

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Anonymous said...

I will try it whis weekend lol ;)

Could you post how to make lemon iced tea?
lemon iced tea is the best iced tea for me and i drink it often and like to try some new recipe. So please write how to make lemon iced tea :)


Iron Mike said...

This one is nice balanced - not too strong just to drink tasty iced tea with vodka huahauhau

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